How do I become a member of Podium Players?2021-10-25T12:55:04-04:00

You can join by visiting our website (yes the one that got you here), filling out a simple form and submitting an annual membership fee, family rates apply.

What does being a member of Podium Players entail?2021-10-25T12:55:22-04:00

As a member you are invited and encouraged to join our monthly meeting on the second Monday of every month. At these meetings you’ll be involved in all sorts of artistic decisions made by the group, including proposing and voting on upcoming productions.

Who can become a member of Podium Players?2021-10-25T12:55:42-04:00

Anybody and everyone from anywhere is welcome to join our community, knowing that we are based out of East Hampton and the majority of any rehearsals and productions are local to the area

I’m not an actor/artist/singer, and you still say I should join?2021-10-25T12:56:03-04:00

You are all three of those, you just haven’t recognized it yet, but we’ll get to that when you join. Seriously though, what goes into a community theater production takes many hands and many skills. Can you sew? Good with power tools? From set building to the people taking the tickets, if you need involvement, we need you.

How can I audition for one of your productions?2021-11-24T12:05:34-05:00

A few months before our rehearsals start we will post on our website’s Audition Page and socials the times and locations, the cast breakdown, and any other helpful information for that audition.

In Between productions what do the Podium Players do?2021-10-25T12:56:42-04:00

As a community group we’re always trying to give back to the community, so there’s always something going on.

What are Podium’s stances?2021-10-25T12:57:00-04:00

Black lives matter, equal rights, love is love, and wear your mask.

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